Not all trainers are equal.

Creating well-mannered, confident dogs is not about obedience training. Helping with behavioural issues or getting a young dog started right involves a different kind of training.

We specialize in helping dogs with behavioural issues, including reactivity, fearfulness and a lack of impulse control. We also have the skill and experience to prevent these issues in your young dog.


Private Training


We offer a variety of training options and services to suit your needs.

Classes not an option?

Whether you need a more flexible option than group classes, want training in the comfort of your own home or are looking for help with a specific issue,

a private session with our certified trainers may be just what you need.


Does your dog need a hand?

Many issues, such as a lack of proper socialization or fearfulness will not be helped simply with obedience training.

An individualized  behaviour program is recommended.


Want to get off to a great start with your new dog?

A home visit is a fantastic choice to help your new member to the family get settled in by taking into consideration your unique environment and lifestyle.

We spend the most time with our dogs in the home. Getting help to build great habits there is invaluable.



Lisa Kerley BSc KPA-CTP


Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner

Graduated with Distinction

Professional Premium Member, APDT

Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers

Full Member, Pet Professional Guild

The Assoc. for Force Free Professionals

Yellow Dog Project

BC Representative and Trainer


Private Training Offered at Dog Days


Socializing and Skill-Building Sessions

For young dogs that are just getting started

Dog Days Daycare offers unique age-specific programs that provide a higher level of care and specialized attention for the special needs of puppies and adolescent dogs.

Lisa has specialized training and over 18 years of experience working with puppies on a daily basis in her good puppy! program as well as teaching hipPUPS classes.

Her specialities include:

  • building confidence and social skills
  • recognizing and solving resource guarding issues
  • building tolerance and comfort with handling, including nail clipping


One-on-One Working Sessions

For dogs that are uncomfortable or inappropriate around other dogs

For many dogs, daycare is not an appropriate option. The unique set up of our facility allows us to offer specialized one-on-one working sessions to build confidence, develop impulse control and improve social skills.

Working sessions are a beneficial step in remedial programs.


One-on-One Training Sessions

For dogs that need some additional help with obedience behaviours

Already working with your dog, but want some extra help? Take advantage of a certified trainer while your dog is at daycare.  Issues such as jumping up, getting your dog’s attention and many other basic obedience skills can be brushed up during a visit. 


best trainer award


Private Sessions



play  train  entertain

We are very excited to offer this new service! Read here for more information.


Socializing and Skill-Building Sessions

For young dogs that are just getting started

Joining a young puppy class is always recommended, however having some extra help at home getting set up for the puppy’s arrival, with house-training or even the kids and biting can be very beneficial.

Lisa has specialized training and over 18 years of experience working with puppies on a daily basis. You can take advantage of all this experience with your puppy in your own home.

  • puppy-proof living areas
  • get help creating your own unique training program
  • prevent common problems such as resource guarding, separation anxiety and barking
  • make house-training easy for you and your puppy
  • crate training


Private Behavioural Sessions

For dogs that need a hand with confidence or skills around people or dogs

There are many reasons that cause a dog to lack confidence or have issues with day-to-day life. Whatever the reason, it is vital that these kind of issues are addressed using positive methods with the help of an experienced trainer that has a good understanding of behaviour and learning theory. Helping a dog with these types of issues is not obedience training.

  • dog reactivity
  • resource guarding
  • reactivity to people
  • inappropriate behaviour with visitors
  • separation anxiety
  • biting


Private Training Sessions

When you want some extra help with obedience behaviours

Need a hand with obedience? Take advantage of some private time with a certified trainer.

  • leash skills
  • recalls
  • jumping up
  • building attention and focus


Private Training Fees

Initial Consultation

2-2.5 hours with a written follow up



Additional Sessions

In most situations, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. Changing behaviour and building skill is a process which typically requires more than a single session to complete. A package rate can be arranged.

$75 – $150

Subsequent sessions can vary in length from 1-2 hours and include a written followup.




Continuing Education


Lisa has attended dozens of educational conferences, workshops and seminars. As a trainer, it is vital to keep up-to-date with new advances and information in order to be as effective and knowledgeable as possible.

“Who dares to teach should never cease to learn.”

~ John Cotton Dana


The great value of Lisa’s expert training comes when you least expect it, and most need it. Case in point: a workman entered my property, and my large dog responded by running to him, stopping a few feet away and alert barking. When I arrived and asked my dog to sit, he did so immediately and calmly, followed by a friendly meeting with the workman. What could have been an unpleasant situation became a positive response and outcome.

Lisa trains dogs (and other animals) using state of the art techniques, based not on domination of the dog, but on natural dog behaviours. A large part of the process is teaching me, the owner, to understand why dogs behave the way they do, and particularly how to avoid placing the dog in challenging circumstances. No dog or owner is perfect, but the ability to apply Lisa’s expert training on demand is a valuable resource that creates a safe and effective lifelong learning experience for both dog and owner.

I have attended several other dog training programs over the years, but Lisa has been the most effective, professional and caring instructor we’ve had the pleasure to know, and my dogs and I look forward to our future training experiences with her.